iPhone X, iOS11, and P3 Colors

Some callouts:

  • Search bar changing height is iOS11 revealed some skeletons in our closet, primarily around trying to maintain opaque navigation and tab bars which led to layout issues. I also explored moving the search bar to the new searchController property on navigation controller, but the business ultimately wanted to maintain the title view approach/look. Search controller is nice though because it has support for large title, hiding when scrolling, etc.
  • Supporting iPhone X wasn’t too much effort because of my previous enforcement of using native views/controls and auto layout.
  • For P3 colors we changed obvious things at first: launch screen, app icon and primary brand colors. We also made a conscious choice to not make every brand color P3, like the typography saying “If everything is bold, nothing is bold” – and we wanted certain color to stand out. P3 conversion from a code perspective is simple, but from a conversion standpoint I still am not sure the proper method.

Converting Brand colors to P3 (view image below on P3 screen for accurate reproduction)